My Card Project


Your questions answered

We have created a series of Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand the process.

Yes, as long as they have the correct Artwork Code anybody can place an order. All orders will be sent to the school for the child to collect.
On the back of the artwork is a label with your unique code. If the label is missing you will need to get a label from your school and fix it to the back of the artwork making sure the label points to the top of the artwork
With a thick marker pen please clearly mark on the back of the label that it is wrong and which way around it should be.
Sadly, due to the automated process it is not possible to make any changes to the order once it has been placed
Without the artwork we cannot produce any of the items. If your artwork is not returned to us with when we collect everything your order will be cancelled and refunded in full.
No, once the artwork has been collected the ordering window is closed and no further orders can be made
All the creations are sent to school for the child to bring home. In the unlikely event you have not received anything please firstly check with the school as very often it is still with either the school or the child. Should the item still not be located then please get on contact so we can rectify the problem as soon as possible.
Due to the way the artwork is scanned and printed, the outer 3mm of the artwork is cut away. The guides for the teachers running the project explain that all important parts of the drawing must not be too close to the edge.
Sadly we cannot return the child's artwork as it is kept for quality control purposes.
Yes, the great thing about this project is that is also raises funds.