How It Works

A simple guide to explain how the project works

We understand just how busy schools are so we have made our Christmas Card School Project really easy and hassle free for schools, nurseries and clubs to explore their kids' creativity whilst raising funds. We send and collect everything directly from the school and all orders are completed online by the parents so the school never needs to handle any money. Our Step By Step guide below explains how it works.

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welcome pack

We will send you a pack which contains everything you need to get started including:

  • Simple guides for your teachers to help create the perfect artwork
  • Labels to stick on the back of the artwork
  • Class envelopes and sacks to be collected by our couriers when ready
You will also be sent login details to an online portal to see how much money is being raised and download artwork for printing or social media advertising.

Decide on a comfortable timetable for the project to run. You will need to advise the parents when the artwork must be returned to the school by. See our Calendar for a recommended timetable for the project.

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get creative

Paint, draw, glue, splat! Let your kids go wild with their creations on A4 paper.

This can be done in class or as a homework activity. Children can create as many artworks as they like. Once the artwork is ready just stick a label on the back making sure the arrow points to the top of the artwork as we need to know which way around to scan it.

We have created a handy Artwork Guide to get the best out of the designs.

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parents order online

The child brings the artwork home. The parents then order and pay online so the school never needs to handle any ordering or payments. Multiple orders can be placed for the same artwork so split families can each place their own order.

We have a great selection of cards, t-shirts, mugs and more for parents to personalise. See our Product Range for more information.

Parents must return the artwork to school by a date the school sets. The sooner we receive everything, the earlier we can deliver all the creations.

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we collect the artwork

Log into your portal or give us ring and with one click we send a courier to collect all the artwork directly from your school. We supply envelopes for each class to place the artwork in making it easier for you to sort out the orders when they are returned. Put these envelopes into the sacks we provide and we'll email you delivery labels ready to print and put onto the sacks.

Every parent who has placed an order must ensure the artwork is included to be collected by the courier as we can't print anything without it.

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All products are made in house by our team. We send all the creations back to school by the end of the first week in December.

They'll be boxed per class making it easy to distribute and a checklist to make sure you have everything. Do check the orders before they are given out to make sure you have everything.

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The school earns 25% from every order. So if a parent orders a pack of cards, they pay £5.50 and the school earns £1.38. If the parent adds a mug and a calendar, then the school earns even more. So the more you promote it to the parents then more you can look to raise. We pay the money directly into the bank account given by the school.

It's a great way to encourage creativity and earn funds for your school. We transfer the money to the school by 21st December.

We have created a number of FAQs for more information.

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