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We have created a series of Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand the process but please Get In Contact should you have any further questions.

We try to make this as easy as possible for you. Unlike many other projects, the parents upload the artwork saving the school a lot of organising. Also, as the parents order directly online the school does not need to process any orders or handle any money.
No, it is open to any club or organisation. It is very popular with schools, nurseries, sports clubs, Brownies, Cubs etc.
It doesn't cost you anything. At no point will you be asked for any money.
The amount the school raises depends when we receive the artwork to print. The more the parents are encouraged to anticipate, the more the school can raise. Our top earning school last year raised over £800 in fundraising.
No. The project is open to any organisation although it is not open to individuals. The more children that can be encouraged to participate, the more the school can earn but there are no minimum orders.
No. The parents use their camera phones or a scanner to upload the artwork. The means once the children take the drawings home, there's nothing for the school to do until we send all the products to the school to distribute.
No. The parents use their camera phones or a scanner to upload the artwork.
No. Parents order and pay online. The school does not need to process any orders or handle any payments.
When you are ready, SignUp here to get registered. Your Welcome Pack will be sent out in September.
Everything will be dispatched by the end of the first week in December. However, the sooner we receive all the artwork, the earlier we can send everything out.
The best way to maximise funds raised is to engage with your teachers and parents early in the Autumn term. We supply a number of resources to put up around the school or to use on social media. The earlier parents know about the project, the more likely they are to use it before they buy their cards elsewhere. We also recommend making sure the parent orders are placed early October so there's no rush over half-terms to make the deadline.
We pay the funds raised by bank transfer.
We are always here to help and answer any questions. You can call or email us as you prefer.
Sadly we are unable to take late orders. We strongly recommend parents are made fully aware of your deadline so the order is placed on time to avoid disappointment.
Multiple orders can be placed for each artwork so the child can take the artwork to each parent and each can place their own order using the same artwork code. The child will then receive each order separated to give to each parent.

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If you have any questions then please get in contact, you can call or email us anytime.

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